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Financial Information
Most Assisted Living Facilities use the following four methods of payments:

1.Private Pay Residents
2.Long Term Insurance
3.Diversion Residents
4.Medicaid Residents

Private Pay residents pay the facility directly from their collective sources of income. These sources of income could be from: Social Security Income, Veterans benefits, Pensions, Disability, Personal savings, Personal Assets, etc.

Long Term Insurance: Residents who are fortunate to have bought a policy for long term insurance, at the right time, have the privilege of paying for Assisted Living through their long term insurance carriers. Most Assisted Living Facilities accept all Long Term Insurance Policies.

The Diversion Program is a government funded program that provides partial funding of up to $ 1300.00 per month as per our contractual terms. Governed by the Department Of Elder Affairs, this Program is based on the financial background of the seniors and is only applicable to individuals who are 65 or above in age. This program is also limited to the fact that it is applicable only for individuals who are either in an Assisted Living Facility or are getting ready to go to one. One has to qualify for Medicaid to receive this funding and the individual is still responsible for the balance of the monthly rent based on the rates of any particular facility. For more information on the criteria to qualify, or to receive assistance to apply for Diversion, please call 954-214-7926.

Medicaid Residents receive funding from the state to pay for Assisted Living. Although our facilities do not accept Medicaid funding, but our Social Services department has been assisting seniors in finding appropriate and suitable Medicaid facilities at no charge. We work with a network of facilities that cater to Medicaid residents. Please contact 954-214-7926 if you need assistance with Medicaid eligibility or for information on finding a Medicaid facility.

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